child, teen, and family therapist

Natasha Browne, MA, LMFT

*Currently not accepting new clients*

Are wanting more for your family? Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to getting your family to all be on the same page and connecting? At some point all families will find that they are all at odds and struggling. It is during these times when coming in as a family and getting some extra support can make all the difference in the world. 

Are you always looking at other moms or families and wonder what they are doing that you are not? Do you find yourself wishing your child came with an instruction manual? Are you at your wits end and not sure what to do? You are not alone. This parenting thing, though amazing and a blessing, is tough, really tough. It is not meant to be done alone. Families need communities and support. 

 Is your child or teen struggling with behavioral issues,  problems in school, fears, sadness, or anger? Growing up in this area comes with a unique pressure. This pressure is becoming unbearable for kids. Therapy can offer a safe place for kids and teens to come in and not feel the pressure or judgement and just be. To help them navigate through all these pressure, emotions, and fears. 

Parenthood can be both the most amazing and difficult experience.  Childhood and adolescence is full of challenging transitions that can be difficult for the parents and kids alike. It can be difficult to know when to reach out for support. You and Your family don't need to continue to struggle through these challenges alone.  

Therapy is a safe place for guidance, healing and growth. In therapy I can offer support to children, parents, and families to have the relationships they are hoping for. Therapy is a place without judgement that is safe to just be yourself. With in a safe place things become clearer. I  work together with families to offer support to work through these challenging transitions.