child, teen, and family therapist

Natasha Browne, MA, LMFT


Are you at your wits end with your child? Are you feeling you tried everything you can think of and nothing seems to be working? Is your child struggling with acting out at home or school? Are they not sure how to handle their fears, sadness, or frustration? Childhood is filled with exciting milestones as well as difficult transitions. During these difficult transitions it can be helpful to bring your child to therapy. I offer a safe place for children to open up, process, and work through the struggles in their lives. I work with children in many ways. One way is through play therapy. Young children process so much through their play. It is while playing together and talking about their play healing and growth take place. Another therapeutic way I work with children is through Child Parent Psychotherapy. You are your childs safe place. They look to you to feel secure and it is through your relationship with your young child so much healing can take place. I work along side with parents and their children to support children in processing their trauma, healing from it and growing together. I also offer school observation to work together with teachers when children are struggling at school.