child, teen, and family therapist

Natasha Browne, MA, LMFT


Since having children have you and your partner drifted further and further apart? Do you find that every conversation is either about the children or an argument? Do you and your partner have two completely different ways of wanting to raise your child or children? When we first meet and fall in love we don't think to ask our partner about how they plan on raising their future children. At the time the question might seem irrelevant or premature. It is not until you have children and are struggling with two different parenting style do you see the importance of knowing the answers to that question. Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts parents can experience together, but it can also create a struggle and divide in your relationship unlike anything you experienced within your relationship before children. If you find yourself struggling to connect with your partner because of the parenting issue therapy can offer you and your partner a place to come and find ways to reconnect and work together as parents. It is in therapy that I work with you and your partner to explore your hopes and fears in your relationship and parenting. I will provide you with a safe place to work through find a balance of parenting styles that works for your whole family.