child, teen, and family therapist

Natasha Browne, MA, LMFT


Do you find your self frustrated and yelling at your child, but unsure why your reaction is so large? Are you feeling lost in this whole parenting thing? Are you seeing the patterns of your childhood slip into your parenting style, even though you promised yourself you would be different than your parents were? Parenting can give you joy like you have never known, but it can also push you as a parent through the hardest struggles. The frustration, uncertainty, fears, and sadness are parts of the journey through parenthood that are rarely spoken of. It is through these time when parents need the support and guidance of others. Unfortunately, todays society support comparing and judging other parents more than supporting a guiding. This is when therapy can step in and offer parents a different experience. I offer parents a place to find the non judgement support and guidance that we as parents will, at some point, need in our parenting experience.